Two Ways to Minimise the Risk of Your Boat Breaking down During a Race


There are several things that you can do to minimise the risk of your boat breaking down during your upcoming races. Continue reading to find out what these things are. Make sure the boat is serviced by a specialist who is familiar with that particular make and model of water vessel. Most boat owners who regularly participate in boat races will have their water vessels serviced regularly. When performed correctly, servicing can not only reduce the likelihood of a boat breaking down (due to the extensive repair and maintenance work completed during the servicing process) but can also help it perform better in races.

29 November 2018

Taking a Midlife Gap Year—Seeing Australia

Recreation & Sports Blog

Taking a year out to travel around Australia is a common choice for many young people looking for adventure. Most often, this excursion takes the shape of a gap year before university. However, these days, a growing number of middle-aged people are also choosing to take time out from their busy lives to travel and have adventures. If you're considering this move in your life, and you're looking for tips and inspiration, read on for ideas.

13 November 2018

Looking At Tennis Courts? Why You Should Choose Synthetic Grass

Recreation & Sports Blog

Whether you are looking to start a small business operating tennis courts or you are simply looking in your local area for a tennis court to start playing at, you should strongly consider synthetic grass tennis courts. While it may be an odd claim to make, seeing as high-profile professionals still seem to play on real grass (at least at Wimbledon), most Australians have already discovered that, for regular use by amateur and semi-professionals, using synthetic grass is what you should be doing.

30 October 2018