Looking At Tennis Courts? Why You Should Choose Synthetic Grass

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Whether you are looking to start a small business operating tennis courts or you are simply looking in your local area for a tennis court to start playing at, you should strongly consider synthetic grass tennis courts. While it may be an odd claim to make, seeing as high-profile professionals still seem to play on real grass (at least at Wimbledon), most Australians have already discovered that, for regular use by amateur and semi-professionals, using synthetic grass is what you should be doing.

The Price

If you are looking to create a few tennis courts as a small business the number one thing you should be considering is the cost of everything. A huge benefit to synthetic grass tennis courts is not just that they cost less up front, but their overall maintenance is much cheaper as well. To maintain professional grass tennis courts, you need constant monitoring and professional groundskeepers who focus on sports fields. Synthetic grass needs very little maintenance unless there is some sort of problem with the initial installation. As a player too, synthetic courts are generally cheaper to play on because of their low cost to create and maintain.  

The Effect On Your Body

The uniformity of synthetic grass means that there is very little chance of accidents and injury caused by uneven grass and holes in the ground, both problems that natural grass tennis courts have to watch out for. As a player, you know you are getting the same quality experience at any synthetic grass tennis court while, unless you are very familiar with a natural grass tennis court, you will not know the ins and outs, of every grass tennis court. 

The Experience

Another benefit of synthetic grass's uniformity is that it gives players an even and predictable playing surface so that they can track the ball better. There are no weird bounces caused by a hard patch of dirt or a tuft of grass. As a player, this is a major benefit and will help you practice your ability in a way that makes you a better player on other surfaces as well. While you can get very good at a knowing a particular grass courts idiosyncrasies, you will not be able to transfer this knowledge onto every grass tennis court that you come across.

Therefore, the choice is clear unless you are playing at a highly competitive level where grass courts are part of the competition, then there is really no reason to not use synthetic grass tennis courts. They provide the best, safest and cheapest way to experience quality tennis in an easily accessible way.


30 October 2018

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