Taking a Midlife Gap Year—Seeing Australia

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Taking a year out to travel around Australia is a common choice for many young people looking for adventure. Most often, this excursion takes the shape of a gap year before university. However, these days, a growing number of middle-aged people are also choosing to take time out from their busy lives to travel and have adventures. If you're considering this move in your life, and you're looking for tips and inspiration, read on for ideas.  

How to Have Your Great Australian Adventure

The common choice for the young is to pack a rucksack, make a loose plan of travel and set off for their first destination. Once there, they frequently meet up with other travellers at hostels and 'wing it' for the rest of their travels.

That's a perfectly acceptable travel plan for you too, of course. However, you may prefer a more sophisticated approach to your adventure. After all, backpacks are heavy and hostels, whilst being lots of fun, offer none of the privacy and comforts to which you may have become accustomed—sharing a room and bathroom facilities with a lot of teenagers is not for everyone.

Keeping Your Treasured Necessities Whilst Staying on Budget

Hotels come in all shapes, sizes and prices, but they don't always allow you to get off the beaten track and feel like you're having an adventure. The perfect way to do just that is to travel like a snail with your accommodation attached. You can do this in a variety of ways. Motorhomes, camper trailer tents and hybrid caravans all offer you the opportunity to see the country with a degree of comfort. 

If you're planning to use campsites, then you can be quite broad in your choice of home. If you want to be off-road, then you should look for vehicles designed for that purpose. For example, camper trailers and hybrid off-road campers are both excellent choices if you want to see the Aussie Outback.

You can turn up in Oz and buy a vehicle for your travels that you'll sell on at the end of your journey. Or, you can rent a vehicle for the duration of your stay—you'll find camping hire companies all over the country. Whatever you choose to do, you'll be in good company—85% of Australians have been on a camping or caravan holiday at least once in their life. The popularity of this way of travel means you'll find a plethora of vehicles and facilities available countrywide. There are many great websites that list campsites all over Australia. You'll also find a lot of blogs that offer info on wild camping with recommendations and essential information.   


13 November 2018

Sports and Recreation Saved My Life

I can safely say that recreational activities and sports have saved my life. Before I started to fill my weekends with fun things to do, I was massively unhappy. I would sometimes sit alone and feel so low. My friend was worried about me so he invited me to his boxing club. I didn't want to go but I also didn't want to let my friend down. However, after the first session, I realised that I felt much better. I continued to try out other sports and even went out shooting with my friend. My mood improved and so did my fitness. I hope you like reading about my journey.