What Type of Camper Trailer Would Be Best for Your Future Adventures?


As you undoubtedly know, Australia is a vast land that is suitable for adventure for the young at heart. You may have lived in one of its coastal towns or cities for many years but feel that you have not really explored your homeland and are now thinking about putting this matter to right. You will be planning a family holiday in the great outdoors and understand that you need to be quite self-sufficient if you do, as you're not going to find so many hotels in the places that you want to go. Consequently, you've got to buy the right equipment for your challenge, but what type of camper trailer would be best for your needs?

Soft or Hard?

While you like the idea of a rustic adventure, you're still not too keen on the idea of living in a tent. Furthermore, you want some flexibility, so you may not be ready to buy a large and rather bulky caravan. Instead, a camper trailer is perfect, but you will need to decide whether the soft floor camper or hard floor camper is right for you first. Each one has different features and benefits, and you should take time to consider before you buy. 

1. Durability

Determine just how many of those "creature comforts" you want to take with you when you head off into the sunset. If you want flexibility and as much comfort as possible, then you should probably think about buying a hard floor camper. The principal difference is that the base is solid rather than soft and will be much more durable as a consequence. This solution will afford you with better protection and can be relatively simple to configure, once you arrive at your overnight destination.

2. Setup

The hard floor camper trailer is a lot easier to deal with than the soft floor alternative. You simply need to unfold the top of the trailer and flip it open so that it then forms the floor instead. If the weather is a little inclement when you arrive, then this will certainly be the best solution for you because you can keep all your belongings clean due to them being elevated above the ground.

3. Elevated

Once you place your trailer, the hard floor will be suspended on individual legs. This means that your living and sleeping area will be above the ground, so you won't need to worry about rough or uneven surfaces underneath. You may be able to sleep a little more easily at night as well, knowing that it will be difficult for insects, pests and tiny critters to infiltrate.

4. Weight Considerations

Certainly, these models are a little heavier than their soft floor counterpart, which could affect your towing capacity. Make sure that you make your choice based on the overall capability of your car or truck, as you don't want to run into trouble down the road.

Making Your Selection

There are various different models available, so talk with your supplier to see which one will help you realise your dreams.


17 January 2019

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