Concise Guide to Buying the Right Outboard Motor for Your Boat

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Outboard motors refer to systems that function to power your boat. The motor comprises various components such as the propeller, the engine and the gearbox. Although it may seem that all you need to do is go to the local boat shop and purchase an outboard motor, the reality is the different options do not fit each boat's needs. Thus, it is essential to know what you should be looking for in an outboard motor when selecting one for your boat. The following article is a concise guide to buying the right outboard motor for your boat. Here are some items to consider.

The horsepower of the outboard motor

All boats will come with details of the maximum and minimum amount of horsepower that the vehicle can operate on. The original equipment manufacturer will typically indicate this on a plate that is located on the inside of the stern. Therefore, when you plan to buy an outboard motor for your boat, it is vital to keep these specifications in mind so that you do not exceed or go lower than the acceptable limit.

The fuel injection system of the outboard motor's engine

There are three different kinds of fuel injection systems that you will find in outboard motors, including electronic fuel injection, direct fuel injection and carburetted fuel injection. The oldest type of fuel injection system you will find in a majority of outboard motors is the carburetted system. It functions by controlling the amount of fuel and air that makes its way into the engine. The electronic fuel injection system, alternatively, utilises an electrical system to control the engine's intake of both air and fuel. Lastly, the direct fuel injection system works by directly injecting the fuel into the engine's cylinders. In comparison, the carburetted fuel injection systems are the cheapest on the market, so your outboard motor will not have a high price tag. Nevertheless, these systems are not as efficient as the other two fuel injection systems since the fuel economy of the carburetted system is largely inferior.

The size of your boat and usage

The next thing to bear in mind is the size of your boat. If you have a large boat that can carry multiple passengers at a time, then you should consider getting an outboard motor with an engine on the higher side of the horsepower capacity. The more power the engine has, the better your boat will be capable of maintaining the right speed when you are on the water. Furthermore, if you spend hours on end on the open water, you need an outboard motor with a powerful engine to withstand the waves and currents.


4 January 2019

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